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Preaching and Preachers

By Dr. Jason K. Allen

Preaching and Preachers is the official podcast of Dr. Jason Allen, the president of Midwestern Seminary.

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Episode 52: The Pastor as Mentor

This week on Preaching and Preachers, Mark Clifton joins me in a discussion on the pastor as mentor. Mark serves as senior director of church planting and revitalization for the North American Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention.

Guest(s): Mark Clifton


Some of the topics discussed on today’s episode are:

  • Mark’s ministry with NAMB
  • What intentional mentorship can do for the local church
  • The necessity of mentors being available for those they are mentoring
  • Advice for pastors on selecting who to mentor
  • Encouragement for pastors wanting to be a more faithful mentor
  • The role of listening in mentoring
  • The need for pastors to invest in the young men of their local church


Episode 51: Preaching as Missions

This week on Preaching and Preachers, Zane Pratt joins me in a discussion on preaching as missions. Zane served as dean of the Billy Graham School from 2011-2013 before returning to the International Mission Board where he now serves as vice president for Global Training. He had served previously with the IMB from 1991-2011 as a church planter and regional leader in Central Asia.

Guest(s): Zane Pratt


Some of the topics discussed on today’s episode are:

  • Zane’s ministry with the IMB
  • How Zane became a missionary
  • The link between preaching and missions
  • The trickle-down effect related to preaching as missions
  • Why the sermon is crucial for missions
  • Counsel to pastors on awakening their local churches to missions
  • A brief discussion on the call to missions


Episode 50: 6 Ways to Prepare Sermons Like Charles Spurgeon

This week on Preaching and Preachers, Dr. Christian George joins me in a discussion on 6 ways to prepare sermons like Charles Spurgeon. Dr. George serves as the curator of the C.H. Spurgeon Library and as assistant professor of historical theology at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He is also in the process of publishing the Lost Sermons of C. H. Spurgeon, A twelve volume project that will be releasing volumes yearly until the year 2023.

Guest(s): Christian George


Some of the topics discussed on today’s episode are:

  • George’s work on the unpublished sermons of Charles Spurgeon
  • Lessons to emulate from Spurgeon’s preaching
  • Spurgeon’s sermon preparation process
  • Why pastors should guard their sermon preparation
  • What it meant for Spurgeon to select a text and then “rotate” it
  • The need for pastors to “feed the sheep, not giraffes”
  • What pastors today can learn from Spurgeon’s use of commentaries
  • Spurgeon’s emphasis on preaching Christ from every text


Episode 49: In the Study with Dr. Simon Gathercole

This week on Preaching and Preachers, Dr. Simon Gathercole joins me for a broad discussion about his life and personal study. Dr. Gathercole serves as editor of the Journal for the Study of the New Testament and lecturer in New Testament at the University of Cambridge and fellow of Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge.

Guest(s): Simon Gathercole


Some of the topics discussed on today’s episode are:

  • Gathercole’s life and ministry
  • How Dr. Gathercole became a Baptist
  • Gathercole’s day to day life at Cambridge
  • Gathercole’s love for the biblical languages
  • The role of biblical languages in the pastorate
  • Gathercole’s sequence of using the biblical languages and the great minds of church history
  • How Dr. Gathercole distinguishes between preparing a sermon and his scholarly work
  • The difficulty and necessity of applying the text to the people of God
  • Gathercole’s view of evangelicalism
  • Gathercole’s concern for the evangelical church
  • Why pastors should be affirmed and yet aware of the issues regarding the historicity and authenticity of the Gospels


Episode 48: Church Revitalization

This week on Preaching and Preachers, Dr. Frank Page joins me for a discussion on church revitalization. Dr. Page serves as president and CEO of the SBC Executive Committee. He has previously served in pastoral ministry for 35 years.

Guest(s): Dr. Frank Page


Some of the topics discussed on today’s episode are:

  • Page’s role with the Executive Committee of the SBC
  • Page’s description of the current state of SBC churches
  • Page’s previous work in church revitalizations
  • Multiple factors that affect church revitalization
  • How to discern whether a church is ready to be revitalized or not
  • The role of trust in church revitalizations
  • Advice to pastors in church revitalizations